Sunday, November 21, 2010

After a month of silence, I still have nothing interesting to say.

I said that I was going to post on a regular basis, but it doesn't look like that's working too well for me, does it?

But people, seriously, there are nights that I get in the bed and all of the sudden -bam- the urge to pee hits me like train, and I realize, I don't think I've peed all day.

I thought that I was strange, and I had to be the only person who does this, but one of my close friends, who also has 3 children, and I and an entire conversation just the other day about how sometimes we forget to pee.

But yet we can find the time to have whole conversations over forgetting to pee? Something is wrong here, I believe we may need to seek therapy.

So. Like I was saying, forgetting to blog and forgetting to pee are totally the same thing... ok. No it's not.

It's been a month, so I'll give you quick review of what's going on:
  • Jonah's asthma is under control. Kinda. We've only had one episode in the past month, on our way home from a trip to go see Joey at work. 3 hours from home. On a Sunday. I'll save the details of that trip for another post.
  • Blythe is still doing great in school, and we're still fighting like cats and dogs. The child is 6. I'm not looking forward to the teenage years.
  • Peyton is... a hoot. He wore a raggedy felt cowboy hat for three weeks. Around the house, to school, to church, to bed, every where. People loved it. Then we lost it. I'm going to search the yard tomorrow and see if I can find it. The swing set area has been known to eat sippy cups, maybe it ate his hat.
  • Toy Story 3 is Peyton's latest obsession. Blythe and Jonah never had specific things they just LOVED, Peyton is full of them. Oh, wait, Blythe went through a year and a half phase were all she would wear was dresses. Peyton started with Thomas the Train, which he still loves. The only foot wear he will wear is boots. Don't think you're putting anything else on him. Don't try to fight it, this kid will win. every. time. Then the whole hat thing, now Toy Story 3.
  • I still hate Joey's job.
I'm sure there's much more... but... I can't... keep... my eyes... open..........

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