Sunday, April 29, 2012

Something new in the bedroom

I'm so excited, I finally worn my mother down, and she's giving me my great grandmother's antique metal bed. I've wanted it for EVER, and after my aunt saw "the new old house," she agreed with me that I do need the bed. Of course it came with stipulations, pretty much the husband has to move three beds. The things he does for love ;) Love him so much.

And, of course, I did what anyone does these days, I went to pinterest to see what inspiration I could find for a metal bed. And absolutely fell in love with this one:

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest

I pretty much love it ALL. I just recently bought two dressers that were painted a robins egg blue and distressed (L.O.V.E. them!! I plan on writing a post about them this week) so this goes along with that. I could paint the bed  blue to go with the dressers...

Or, could go dark with it. I love me some rubbed oil bronze. And it would pop with the dressers, the light walls, and the lighter colored bedding I plan on getting. Which, speaking of bedding, that's a whole other post by its self. I now have to choose new bedding, which could take me forever, for some reason picking out bedding seems to be the most difficult thing to do.

Or maybe my favorite color, white. White looks good on everything. Which if I remember correctly, it's already white, so I wouldn't have to do anything to it.

We're down sizing though, from a king size to a queen. It's not going to be bad for me, but for the husband. Because I take up AS. MUCH. ROOM. as my skinny self can. In the king size bed, he still has room. But in a queen?? He may end up on the floor.

Bless his heart.

And that's what's going on in my neck of the woods!

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