Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oil rubbed bronze fun!

We've lived in this house for over three years. And the doors, door frames, and base boards have needed to be painted since then. I was holding out hope that our home is really a magical house, and that I would wake up on morning and it just all be done. No such luck. And then I swore that it wouldn't be done until I paid someone else to do it. Then I thought about it: that's $2,000 that I can spend on our new TV and entertainment center/table thingy.

And, no, I couldn't wait until the kids went back to school after Christmas holidays, oh NO, that would be too easy. So I'm attempting to paint with three wild kids running around.

And I'm trying to get all crafty (aka, dangerous). I, um, decided to spray paint the knobs on the wash closet door and the knob to the bathroom door and see how it goes and holds up. Yeh. I'm pretty sure that my husband is going to kill me. He knows I'm painting the doors and all, but not the part about the knobs. But, dude! Have you priced door knobs lately?! It's nuts! The ones in here are those horrible gold -cringe- ones. I'm spraying painting them with Oil Rubbed Bronze. Worse case, I have extra knobs for the wash closet door (because I can't count and when I bought them I thought I bought just enough for the kitchen cabinets and that closet. Um. No. I bought about 10 extra.), and I can just go buy the bronze knobs for the doors (from eBay, I've decided).

If I can find my camera, I'll take pictures. Or I'll just take some with the iPhone.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane....

So. I'm sill in this hotel room. Eating hot pockets.


I'm washing clothes in the guest washing machine. And I'm thinking about cleaning the room.

Someone come save me.

The airport is right around the corner. I'm thinking about jumping on a plane.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Childless and lost... I just can't win!

Joey and I have ran away to Houston. He had to come for a class for work, and I just tagged alone to watch tv all day, read, and stalk people on Facebook (admit it, you know you do it too.) I've never left the kids for more than one night and day, so I've kinda been freaking out. I left the baby sitter a 3 page letter on how to take care of the kids. Seriously. Joey thought I had lost my mind.

So I'm all childless, and I don't even know what to do with myself. The last 7 years of my life have been devoted to taking care of kids and cleaning the house and paying bills. What do childless people DO all day long all the time? Because I have a feeling that by tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest, I will be loosing my mind. And I will have gained about 15 pounds too, because all I have to do is eat. And watch tv. And Facebook stalk people.

I'm so ready to get home, we're going to have Christmas early, because Joey gets to come home for a few days after this class, and then has to leave on the 22. So Santa is coming Saturday night. And I swear, this will be the best Christmas ever.

And, since I'm a gluten for punishment, I've asked Joey's mom if she would like to have Christmas with us early, while Joey's home. We usually do Christmas with Joey's mom and dad, sister's family, and brother's family Christmas night. It's how we've done it for years, if Joey's home or not. But I want to do it while Joey's home (we're getting the kids an xbox kinect, and she's bought them some games.. family time, people! I swear we're not going to wait for the kids to go to bed and play ourselves!) This would need to happen Monday night, and I figured since everyone would have to work that day, we could have it our house and I would take care of all the food....

Wait a minute. I thought this was a good idea, WHY?

And then, my mother in law says we should invite her mom also. Ok, that's good. Then she says we should invite her dad and step mother also.

Oh. Crap.

Mrs Juanita. Joey's step grandmother. I forgot to get her anything. Joey's grandmother, got it. Step grandmother... no.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

BUT! In my defense, they've just moved back, and...

I'm not super woman, ok? When it comes to Christmas, all I care about is my kids.

And, of course there's drama, because it's not Christmas without some family drama, huh? Joey's brother isn't talking to his son, so if Joey's brother comes, our nephew won't. If our nephew comes, Joey's brother won't. Oh sweet, Jesus. I've handed this over to my mother in law. They get to decide who to invite and who to leave out. That's allllll them.

So I'm looking at around 10 people at my house. This is not a big deal, we've had 50 people over for the kids' parties.

Wanna hear my menu? Oh, this is good, you'll love this. I'm getting a sandwich plate from Subway. Oh yeh. I'm going to make some type of potato soup or something to go with it. Mrs Sue had bought some appetizers from SAMs, so I'm going to get those from her and heat them up so she doesn't have to do anything but show up with presents :)

I'm just slightly bored out of my mind with Joey in this class all day. I watched 4 movies on HBO yesterday. That's more movies than I've watched in the past year. And it's only Tuesday.

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