Monday, February 28, 2011

lazy day

It's going to be a lazy day here in Louisiana. It's cloudy, and lightly raining. Thank goodness, I think the wind has gone away, I've been chasing chairs all over my yard all weekend. It also got up to 80 degrees in my house this weekend several times, because someone (um. me) kept forgetting to call the ac repair man. But, he's on his way now, praying that it will be something minor wrong with it, nothing serious. I fear having to replace the whole unit. 

Oh, forget the "lightly raining," the bottom just fell out. 
"If you don't like the weather in Louisiana, 
wait five minutes, it'll change."

I had a very productive weekend actually. I got the house cleaned, went grocery shopping...
(the rain just quit. See what I mean?)

... and I'm working on teaching Peyton that his toys stay in his room, not all over the house. I don't mind him bringing a few toys out, but when there are 10 of his toys in each room, that's just too much.
Maybe he has too many toys?

Big plans for today: fold clothes and wait on the ac guy. And do some research for a new camera. I'm going to try to sucker my husband into letting me buy a really nice one, I'm going to use the excuse that I need it for the big trip we have planned with the kids in a few months.

I'm so excited, I woke up this morning, and one of my flowering trees bloomed over night I tell you. I would take a picture for you... but you know... that whole, I lost my camera thing ruins that ;)

(and now we're back to the lightly raining.)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My job matters.

Three little people and a husband that's at work the majority of the time = no down time for me. I have to be ready to go, run, do, get this or that 24/7. 

"This is the Jenna show - financed by Joey."
I get tired of trying to clean. It seems pointless at time. I'm constantly washing clothes, but the pile of dirty clothes never gets smaller. It seems like the dishwasher is always running. I'm always picking up toys. 

I spend all day in this house fighting this cycle. 

I get angry.

I cry. 

I throw hissy fits.

(For the record, the kids don't care when I throw hissy fits. It doesn't work. Why do I keep doing it?)

Our yard... oh our poor poor yard. It's sad. Really, really sad. Since I spend all day keeping up with the house, I have no time to keep up with the yard. There are toys every where, some trash, the yard could stand to be mowed... but when am I supposed to do these things, with three kids right behind me tearing it back apart?

My truck... I swear we could live out of it. My poor sweet husband had it detailed for me last week, and I smiled and thanked him, all while thinking "Wow. That was a complete waste of money. The kids will ruin it in a week."

I'm starting to feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I'm getting tire of doing the same things over and over, and, yes, I'm having a pity party.

Today, I read the post "Changing lives one load of laundry at a time" over at Small Notebook. And it was just what I needed.

"       We’re not taking care of stuff, we’re taking care of people.
So the next time it seems like you’re picking something up for the hundredth time or why bother doing the dishes because they’re just going to get dirty again, know your job matters. It’s about more than just the stuff.
In fact, it was never about the stuff in the first place.   "

So now I'm going to end my pity party and go take care of my little people by taking care of my home. 

Who knows, I may even tackle the yard today. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm still here!

Whew, it's been a while, huh? Things have just been crazy busy, with all these little people! I haven't been able to do much with the house, other than the bare minimum cleaning so the CPS doesn't come pick my kids up. But after today, I could call them myself, and beg them to come get these children. The long weekend was nice, in a way. It was laid back, go with the flow, doesn't really matter what time it is... just living. But. Then the kids got bored. And lost their minds, all at the same time, and decided that they needed to get Momma to loose her mind too!

They succeeded. 
But tomorrow, they're all back to school. I love Tuesdays and Thursday when they all go. But I also love Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when it's just me and Peyton. And I love the weekend when they're all home.

Right up until the point where they drive me insane. Then I'm waiting on Tuesday again.
During this spell of doing the bare minimum, the laundry piled up on me. There were three baskets of clean clothes in the living room, and dirty clothes that seemed to be reproducing while I wasn't looking. But yesterday, I sat my children down and explained to them that I had to do the laundry, I was going to fix them all something to drink, lunch would be served at 11:30, made sure that Peyton had a clean diaper, and told them not to bother me until I was done, that it was their fault I couldn't finish the laundry because every time I start, I hear "Mooooom"... and I'm slightly ADD, and forget what I was doing before they called me. 

Yeh. That talk I had with them?
They forgot all about it within 10 minutes.

"He pushed me."
"I'm thirsty." (Please remember I fixed drinks for everyone before I started the laundry. When I pointed this out to him, that he had something on the counter, "Oh. I forgot.")
"Mooooom! Peyton just pee-ed in my floor!" (He took the diaper off, put his pants back on, and then let it go.)

"Get out of my room! MOOOOM!"
Some how, I got it all done. Whew.

And now, I promise I'm never going to let it get like that again. I know that the best plan of action is to not take clothes out of the dryer until I'm ready to fold them. I know this. But, it never fails, someone needs something washed, rightnowomghavetohaveit, so I just put what was in the dryer in the basket and... forget about it. 
Oh, laundry, why do you do this to me?

And ya'll, we're having the most lovely weather here in Louisiana. It's heaven. The kids are playing out side, I've had the windows open for the past 72 hours, and I think my most favorite part: I can walk around my house barefooted and my feet not freeze off! I wasn't quite sure that I would survive this winter, a few weeks ago we had snow and ice and UGH, and now it's heaven. This I can live with.

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