Friday, May 28, 2010

I will survive...

The kids have been out of school for exactly one week, today.

We may not see week two at this rate. Seven days, people, and I'm already loosing my mind. My husband just left for work Tuesday, so I still have five more days of being a single parent. I'm out numbered, there are THREE of them, and ONE of me. The baby is an escape artist, running out the front door everything time I forget to lock it (98% of the time its locked, but when it's not, *Swoosh* he's gone), the other two are just tearing the house apart for fun.

For fun. Ugh.

And I had forgotten just how much fun the terrible twos are. Last summer was easy, we had fun, we enjoyed each other. But that's when "The Baby" was, well, a baby. Now he's like a real little person, getting into things, running away from home. It was so much easy when you could sit him down, give him a toy, and he would just sit there and play with it for an hour. Oh no, not any more. The kid has an attention span of a goldfish. Or that dog on "Up." SQUIRREL!!! How did I survive this twice before?! But, that's my proof that I can, and will survive this third go round with the terrible twos.

Today I'm down to only two (yay!) kiddos. Jonah is hanging out with his PawPaw today, and I have 6 hours before I have to go pick him up for t-ball pictures and then a game. In those six hours, I plan on cleaning up the breakfast mess, trying to clean up some of the mess in the rest of the house (as far as the kids rooms go, I'm just shutting the door), there's a sticky residue on the living room floor, that of course "no one" did, feed these two lunch, clean up lunch, and then lay Peyton down for a nap. I may lay down too.

Last night was nuts. A kid ran over a horse down the road at 11, so there was all kinds of traffic up and down the road, cops, family, nosy neighbors that heard it happen (I heard it, sounded like a gun shot and then tires squalling.) I think the wrecker truck got lost and was turning around in my drive way at 1 (beep beep beep -- you know, the back up beep beeps?) And then Peyton woke up at 7. I cannot function on 6 hours of sleep, I just can't. That's why I will be taking a nap.

UPDATE: No nap. Oh well, there's always tomorrow... wait, no, my mother in law made plans for me for tomorrow. I guess I'll sleep when these kids move out... How much longer?

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♥ helen said...

Be strong girl ;) Before you know it your children are not little anymore.

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