Friday, June 4, 2010

T-ball season 2010

T-ball is a very stressful sport. I know, right? It's freaking t-ball. But when you have two playing, a boy and a girl, and the boy's field is on one side of town, and the girl's park is on the other... whew. Which this year wasn't too bad. Blythe played Mondays and Thursdays, and Jonah played Tuesday and Friday. So we were at the ball park 4 days a week.

And then, some REALLY smart person said, "Hey! How about we start the last game of the night at 7:50!" I nearly died. Our kids go to bed at 8! How are we going to survive?! Well, we made it through the season. Blythe's last game was yesterday, and was supposed to have closing ceremony that night, but the closing ceremony was called off because the bottom fell out of a huge rain cloud. So that's been moved to Monday night. Jonah still has two more make up games, and after the last game there will be closing ceremonies.

The girls t-ball is totally different from the boys. The girls keep score, and if you get out, well, you're out, go back to the dug out, but everyone gets to bat. The boys do not keep score, if you get out, you still get to run the bases. Which Jonah refuses to do. He's been to Blythe's game and he understands that when you're out, you're out. That and he totally hates ball. With a passion. We have to fight him to stay on the field, to stand up while he's on the field, so go after the ball... ugh. It's just been a fight 100% of the time.

We quit karate when ball started, because I couldn't handle both playing ball, Blythe with dance recital coming up, and him in karate. He's now begging to go back to karate, please, when can I go back?! The funny thing is, when he was going to karate, he hated it, had to fight him to stay on the mat, fight him to get dressed... are you seeing the pattern here? But I guess we'll give karate another chance, maybe he now knows what he was missing.

I just hope that he doesn't notice that all the other little boys in his group has moved up a belt color and he missed out. You just can't win at this parenting stuff, I swear.

I going to have a shirt made. "I survived t-ball season 2010"

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