Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have I mentioned, by chance, how short I am? I'm five foot nothing.

Also, have I mentioned, by chance, how high the ceilings are in the new house? Like 12 feet.

Lets do some math. 

5 foot woman + a ladder / 12 feet ceilings = 3 inches too short

I can't reach the top of the walls to cut in. That was the most aggravating thing ever, after I drug that stupid, heavy ladder out of the closet, fought with it for 30 minutes (my husband bought the worlds most complicated ladder EVER)

In fact, let me introduce you to the worlds most complicated ladder.

My nemesis. 

I know, it probably doesn't look that complicated to some, but this ladder kicks my butt everytime.

To 'open' the ladder you have to push these knobby things in on both sides, and then turn them. And I can't ever remember if it's supposed to be clockwise or counter clockwise. So, that's round one of the fight.

Round two is getting it to latch, which for some reason I always have a problem with.

Round three is adjusting the height, with the do-dads here on the side. This ladder will also become an extension ladder, and all other types of things. It's like the Super Man of ladders. It just hates me.

So, after fighting to get the ladder right, I climbed up it, with my little tray of paint and paint brush, reached up... and realized I was 3 inches too short. My husband was not happy to hear that he has to help me, since he's taller than me. The man hates to paint, but the color Blythe Anne's room was has to go. And of course, I forgot to take a before picture (I'm still getting used to the fact that I finally have a camera again!!), but I did take an after picture of the coat of primer on the wall.

That peachy color on the molding? That was the color of the entire room. Ceiling, molding, walls. All peach. OMG made me want to poke my eyes out to keep from looking at it! There are some quirky things going on in this room, like the ceiling tiles (I hate ceiling tiles) to the random vertical trim pieces on the wall... it needs to be sheet rocked. But since I don't know when we'll get around to that, I'm going to go on and paint it, because I cannot live with that peach!

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