Saturday, February 26, 2011

My job matters.

Three little people and a husband that's at work the majority of the time = no down time for me. I have to be ready to go, run, do, get this or that 24/7. 

"This is the Jenna show - financed by Joey."
I get tired of trying to clean. It seems pointless at time. I'm constantly washing clothes, but the pile of dirty clothes never gets smaller. It seems like the dishwasher is always running. I'm always picking up toys. 

I spend all day in this house fighting this cycle. 

I get angry.

I cry. 

I throw hissy fits.

(For the record, the kids don't care when I throw hissy fits. It doesn't work. Why do I keep doing it?)

Our yard... oh our poor poor yard. It's sad. Really, really sad. Since I spend all day keeping up with the house, I have no time to keep up with the yard. There are toys every where, some trash, the yard could stand to be mowed... but when am I supposed to do these things, with three kids right behind me tearing it back apart?

My truck... I swear we could live out of it. My poor sweet husband had it detailed for me last week, and I smiled and thanked him, all while thinking "Wow. That was a complete waste of money. The kids will ruin it in a week."

I'm starting to feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I'm getting tire of doing the same things over and over, and, yes, I'm having a pity party.

Today, I read the post "Changing lives one load of laundry at a time" over at Small Notebook. And it was just what I needed.

"       We’re not taking care of stuff, we’re taking care of people.
So the next time it seems like you’re picking something up for the hundredth time or why bother doing the dishes because they’re just going to get dirty again, know your job matters. It’s about more than just the stuff.
In fact, it was never about the stuff in the first place.   "

So now I'm going to end my pity party and go take care of my little people by taking care of my home. 

Who knows, I may even tackle the yard today. 

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Amanda's Mom said...

My baby just got married. My son is getting married in six months. I remember the days when I felt exactly as you do. I also remember when 'empty nest syndrome' hit me with a vengeance. Enjoy those little ones while you can still make everything better. One day soon you won't be able to fix their hurts. You'll be looking around at a tidy house and thinking that grandkids can't begin to arrive soon enough. You are growing responsible human beings while you show them by example everyday how to be a hands on mommy. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog.

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