Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh I found it!

(I saw this over at Pink and Polka Dot,
she wasn't exactly sure of the source, but if she post it,
I'll link it here too.)
Isn't it  L.O.V.E.L.Y?!
My wing back chair isn't going in the kitchen, although that's a great idea. Mine will be
living in my bedroom. It was in the living room for a while, over in a corner where no one ever sat. I've moved it to my bedroom, and it's been great to have some where to sit to put shoes on. I used to sit on the bed to put my shoes on, but I'm really short, and the bed is really tall, and it just wasn't the ideal situation.
But right now, I try not to actually look at the poor chair. It has the ugliest floral print ever, I mean, I don't even like thinking about it. It should be a sin to have that in your house. I've been dreaming of making a slip cover for it for a while, and had an idea in my head of exactly what I wanted. I wanted white, with a pleated skirt around the bottom, that reached the floor. Then Kristi posted this picture.
I'm not nervous at all about it being white, that's why it's a slipcover. It can be washed. Now, to reupholster it in white, that would just be nuts, with three kids and a husband.
The other idea in my crazy head, was to do more of a ruffle around the bottom for a skirt, that reaches the floor. I think I may try out both and see what I like more. Still not sure.
Either way, I have my awesome new ruffler foot for my sewing machine, that also does pleats, that I'm just itching to try out.
What I am nervous about, is making a slip cover. Never done it before. And to try it for the first time on a wing back chair? Seems crazy. But I think I can do this :)
If nothing else, it'll be entertaining for people to watch this project fail :)

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