Sunday, March 6, 2011

Something that I hate to admit.

Today is March 6.

Spring is in the air (ok, not right now, but last week it was. Right now, it's freezing again. I know that spring is getting closer.)
The kids and I started some new flower beds, that I've been meaning to do since we moved to this house.

(Three and a half years ago.)

I finally cleaned off the front porch.
(There was a dog house with a heat lamp in it for the dogs on the front porch. You know, the first thing people see when they come to my house. Seemed like a good place for it at the time.)
I've completed the "omg must organize the house because it's a new year"

I'm feeling the need to start spring cleaning.

The kids' spring break is only a few weeks away, at the end of this month.
The yard needs to be mowed, another sign that spring is near..

The grass is starting to grow in the pasture, so soon I won't be having to worry about getting hay to the pony and donkey.

Spring is so close, most days I can nearly taste it.

(Again, not today, I'm freezing. Stupid Louisiana weather. Make your mind up.)

Christmas day was 71 days ago.

Seventy one.

Ten weeks ago.

I can't even type what I'm about to say...

My living room Christmas tree...
is still in my living room.

I only have one living room, it's not like I have two, and this is one that people don't usually see. Everyone sees the Christmas tree that is still in my living room.

In March.

My bedroom...

still has boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations piled up.

I have excuses, and I think they're pretty good ones.

The Christmas stuff usually goes in the attic. Our attic access hole thingy is pretty small, and it takes at least two men to get the stuff up there. My husband hasn't been home for any long periods of time this year. The longest was 6 days, but that didn't count, the man had the flu. Other than that, there has been two other days that he's been home.

I've threatened to go buy a shed.

I've threatened to burn all the Christmas stuff. (The husband isn't worried. He knows that's never going to happen.)

I took the decorations off the tree a few days after Christmas. So when my husband came home and had a chance to put the tree in the attic, it would be ready. 

So I have a naked Christmas tree, in my living room, in March.

All my friends think it's just the funniest thing ever, and keep asking when am I going to decorate it for Easter.

I don't even notice the 8 foot tall, 5 foot wide Christmas tree any more. What tree? What are you talking about?

I swear, this stuff is going somewhere before next Christmas.
But I have a feeling, that by the time we put it up... it'll almost be time to get it back out again.

I just want my living room and bed room back. I'm not asking for much, people.

Please tell me I'm not alone...

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