Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gallery wall lovin'

Gallery walls. They're every where. Every one is doing it. I want to do it, but...

Ya'll, it's hard!!

I went and bought a bunch of frames from Target to go with the ones that I already have, and then came home and stuck them in a closet.

("I'll get to it after *fill in excuse*")

I had stuck a bunch of things in that closet that needed to be hung on the walls, but I'm so scared of putting ittle bitty holes in the walls, it's ridiculous. So one day I gathered up all my courage, and hung a bunch of stuff, finally, after living here for 6 months.

But all the frames for my gallery wall??

Well, at least I got them out of the closet, right? They all sat leaning against the wall in the hall to my bedroom for a month. Joey has gotten tired of looking at them leaning, and suggested we get them put up. (I so should have just left them in the closet ;)

I've seen plenty of beautiful gallery walls.

We've all seen The House of Smith's gallery wall. Love it! I especially love how there are other things besides photographs in it, like the subway art and the "Party of 5." So I definitely know that I want something like this. Shelly even wrote a how-to over at Home Stories A2Z that anyone wanting a gallery wall should check out.

One thing she suggest is getting lots of inspiration, which trust me I have, like I said, gallery walls are every where! And of course, again, Pinterest is your best friend!

One thing I love about this one is how their thermostat on this wall and you hardly even notice! Awesome!

I love the different frames in this.

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest


I could do this all day ;)

I even found this:

The website isn't in English, but some things don't need words.

So where am I right now, in my gallery wall adventure?? A bunch of frames spread all over the living room floor that I rearrange every time I walk through.

I think Joey is rethinking his "lets hang the frames" idea.

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