Friday, October 12, 2012

Pinterest Recipes

Lately, I've been getting all of my recipe ideas from Pinterest. I really do not know what I did before Pinterest. And for the most part, we've loved everything new I've tried (except Blythe. She doesn't like anything. But, that's a topic for a different day.) Today I want to share a few of the recipes that I've cooked lately, and our opinions of them.

This was probably one of Peyton's favorites over the past few weeks for one simple ingredient -- meatballs. This kid could eat  meatballs every day, and be as happy as a clam. It was fairly easy I thought, took about an hour from start to finish, including clean up. I followed the recipe exactly, with the exception of I used extra meatballs (see above ;))

I had really high hopes for this one. But I was let down. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it missed the target completely. Maybe I wished it had more of a sauce to it, I looooove my sauce on my noodles. I followed this one exactly as  written also. Another one that Blythe totally turned her nose up to, and even the boys didn't care for it.

This was heaven.  I cooked this for the kids for the first day of school, and I love anything that I can fix the night before and just toss in the oven in the morning. I didn't change anything when I made this either.

I made this for a football party we had here at the house a few weekends ago (Go Saints!) It wasn't a big of a hit as my aunt's shrimp dip that I make (I will share that recipe next time I make it and can take pictures!!), but it was good. 

My kids LOVED this. I did too, and we will so be making this again.

I also made this for the football party, per Peyton's request. He saw the picture on pinterest and begged me to make it. So, of course, I did :) Another hit.

It's been a while since I made this one, and I said I was going to make it again, I guess I had just forgotten about it. Again, the girl didn't like it (are you seeing the trend here??) but the boys did. I ate on it for several day several different ways. I actually plan on making this again this week.

What have you been cooking from Pinterest??

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