Thursday, July 7, 2011

Really, Check your credit report people.

I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

  • We found a cheap 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom fixer-upper.
  • We made an offer on said house.
  • We put our current house on the market.
  • Our offer on bigger house was accepted (yay!)
  • My best friend decided she wanted to buy our house (yay!)
  • She made an offer (Yay!)
  • We accepted it (well, duh)
  • We've been denied financing.
Wait. What? I'm sorry? I don't understand? We pay all of our bills, and we've been paying everything off. All that's left are my student loans, which we're currently working on. But we were denied because of our credit score.

whyyyyyyyy?!?!?! what did I doooooo??

*complete nervous break down rocking back and forth*

Oh yeh, was going to keep this short. So. There are things that shouldn't be on there. Like one said we haven't been paying. When I called, there response was "oh. You HAVE been paying, huh?"

It took everything in me not to snap. My eye started twitching. I then asked how long it would take to take it off. Oh, 30-60 days.

I don't HAVE 30-60 days.

I called another one, and they couldn't find anything (a supposedly medical bill collection company) in our names. OH REALLY?! Then why in the world is it on my credit?! You're ruining my life!

I may be a little dramatic. 

There's a pretty good chance that I won't get this worked out in time. And I won't be getting my big house.

And the first person (actually, they would be the second, my mother in law has already said it) to say "everything happens for a reason..."

Oh, it's gonna be ugly.

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Amanda's Mom said...

I'm so sorry. I'm so tired of banks, credit report companies, etc. They are ruining all of our lives. There is so much red tape now that its a wonder anything ever gets done. Personally, we'd like to sell our big house and downsize but, we have the distinct feeling that we couldn't get it sold due to this present economical environment. I guess everything does happen for a reason but, the reason isn't always acceptable. Hang in there.

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