Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Front Door Makeover

This is what our house looked like the day we bought it, 3 and a half years ago. But this picture was taken just a month ago. I hated the dark door and shutters, the oval trim was painted a tan color, for reasons I don't even know. I wanted to paint them since we bought the house, but we just couldn't ever seem to find the time.

But while Joey was home for that long period, we went on a shopping spree to Lowe's. The morning before we went, I finally picked out a color for the door and shutters. That's another reason that we hadn't done it yet.

Along with the paint for the project, my hubby bought me a new toy...

 It's an airless paint gun sprayer thingy! Yeh. I'm not even going to pretend like I had any idea what that thing was. 

(How about this chippy paint porch? Maybe I could use the airless paint gun sprayer thingy on them?)

So, this was totally MY project, all me me me...
Until I realized the shutters had to be sawed off..

Oh Honey :)

(Seriously, is there anyone in this world that
thinks that I should be trusted with
a saw? no? I didn't think so.)

They had to be sawed off because they were installed with shutter-locks, I believe they were called. They're meant to be for permanent installation. That doesn't mean you can't remove the shutters later, it just means that you have to buy brand new shutter locks.

(I do believe the first dirty look I recieved during this
makeover was when I told him he had to
saw the shutters off.)

So. Now. Totally MY project.
me me me me
We now wash the shutters...
And look, there just happened to be a 7 year old girl that wanted 
to wash them for me! Who am I to deny her?!

 (my sweet girl scrubbing the shutters.
she also did the door.
and yes. I took this picture from the front porch
swing. where I was sipping sweet
tea, watching everyone else do the work.)

So if you're keeping count, I still technically haven't done anything. Besides go to Lowe's and buy the paint. But that's was hard work!

I went on and bought a new door handle while we were at it, and got rid of the ugly brass one. But it wasn't exactly the same size as the old one, the holes didn't line up, so Joey had to send me back to the hardware store (2nd time that day), to get some type of epoxy. So he fixed that all up for me.

We (he) started painting. The sprayer worked really well, and the project was moving along quit nicely, right until we accidently touched one side and messed up about a quarter of the door. And until I looked at the color of the paint I picked out at Lowes and realized... this is almost the same. exact. color. of the siding on the house. It was supposed to be green-ish. This was tan-ish, with no hint of green at all. Great. Just great.

At this point, we had ran out of day light, and one of the kids had a ball game. 

"Joey, what are we going to do about the door?! It's not done?!"

In true roughneck fashion:

he rigged the door opening up with....

trash bags and duct tape.

Oh yes, several neighbors called me that night, "Jenna? WTH?!"

So day two starts of the door project. Started late, because we had an early Easter at my mom's.

(I'm not sure if you can tell, but he's giving me
a really bad look.)

After he fixed where we messed it up the day before, and I went and bought more paint, we (he) finished painting it. When then waited for it to dry REALLY well this time, went and ate crawfish with the neighbors, and at 12:45 am, I finally had a front door again.

I'm very pleased. The shutters still aren't done. (That's them laying on the right side of the porch.) And I'm not about to ask Joey to do them after all the trouble we had out of the door. So I guess that's up to me. And we need to repaint the porch AGAIN. I'm really getting tired of painting the porch. It's getting old. Maybe I can just say that's the look I'm going for, ya know? Old? Rustic? Do you think anyone will fall for that?

Very please. Also, we (he) removed the glass from it when we (he) painted the door. I do believe that it was much easier than trying to tape it off.

We (um, again, he.) replaced the out side lights with those little lantern ones when we bought the house. I loooooved them in the store, but when we got them home and put them up... I didn't. But now we the new door color, and the new door handle, I love them again!

And it only took 3 and a half years :)

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