Monday, May 30, 2011

watching the grass grow

Well, it wasn't so much "fun" for my husband, after he had to do the work, and he had to fork over the money for it...

But today he fertilized the whole yard for me :) I've been begging him to for weeks now. The grass used to be wonderful here, but last year it wasn't too great, but this year... oh, I just can't stand it. You can't walk across the yard barefooted because of stickers, there are parts where the grass has just decided to not come back at all, and it makes no since what so ever. When I mow, I feel like I'm just mowing dirt, not grass in some spots.

So we loaded up this morning to get the supplies. And oh boy... I didn't realize how much this little project would cost. No more than $150, right? 

No, ma'am. Way off.

He had to have a broadcaster to hook up behind the mower. $40 after the gift card we had from the store. I'm not complaining though, because at least he agreed to fertilize the yard. 

(In our 7 years of marriage, I've convinced him to fertilize the yard once before. ONCE. At our old house, and he then gave me go-to-you-know-where looks all summer, when he had to mow every 3 days. But now that we have a reliable mower, I've taken over the mowing, so he just fertilized to get me to shut up)

That store was out of fertilizer, I've boycotted the local feed store, so I refused to go there, so that left one option. 

Wal Mart.


I picked out a fertilizer that also had bug poison in it too, to kill ants, fleas and ticks. Perfect for the "farm" (ticks are so terrible this year. The dogs keep coming up covered in them, the horse had one in her ear... oh lordy, I'm itching thinking about it.) Joey also decided that I needed a soaker hose and timer for the flower bed. I don't know what bit him and made him decide to do this, but you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Or a husband that's doing nice things ;) Also got a better, big sprinkler to water in said fertilizer.

I then nearly had a mini heart attack at our total. $350. 


I change my mind!

I don't need a pretty yard that bad!

I'm working on the Dave Ramsey plan. I'm pretty sure that a pretty yard is not on his list of how to get out of debt.

But... we went on and did it, because I can't have my babies walking through stickers.

Hey, have you ever noticed that kids will run HALF WAY across a two acre yard, THEN realize hey! I just ran the whole way through stickers, and this mess hurts, so I'm gonna stand RIGHT here and scream until some adult comes running, also barefooted, to try to save me, and watch them do the "I have stickers in my feet dance but I have to save this kid."

Kids. They're evil.

So. Now I'm sitting here watching the grass grow. Hopefully going to watching the stickers disappear. And watch the bugs disappear.

How long does this take? How long until I have to start mowing every other day? 'Cause I'm ready!!

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