Sunday, May 22, 2011

girl gone crazy

This week, I nearly drove my self crazy. With a decision I needed to make.

I lost sleep over it.
I went back and forth. Just couldn't decide.

Couch pillows.
Yes, seriously.

My pillows have issues, keep coming unsewn (geez... is that even a word? I'm not sure.), and I kept resewing them, but they would just ravel some more, and the same thing. So it was time for new pillows.

Pottery Barn
 These were the first that I found, automatically fell in love. Had to have them, they're prefect! Guess what. The one on top is sold out.

That where all the problems started. I found about, oh, gee, i don't know, about 50 more that I liked on, but none were as great as these and... ugh. 
I finally just went back to Pottery Barn's website, and ordered these, in ivory. And guess what?! They're on back order! Until the middle of June! AGH!

Later, I'm going to get some accent pillows, but for now, I need a rest from thinking about pillows. I think I've found a few grey hairs.
So I've moved on to the next "drive me crazy" thing. Jonah wants me to redecorate his (and Peyton's, since they share) room. We've done absolutely nothing to this room since we've bought it. The things that I know we have to do, and are easy:

New closet doors. They're the bi-fold kind, and one half of them has been missing for a while.

Also, new blinds. We're going to go with the faux wood ones. We have them in Blythe's room, and we love them. The only problem, we have freakishly narrow windows (old house). One set, each window is 25 and 1/2 inch wide. The other set is 22 inches wide. The smallest ones on Lowe's is 27 inches, so I guess we'll have to get custom ordered ones, and I don't know, that just screams expensive.

And they need a new ceiling fan. It's about the only light fixture that we haven't replaced. I've picked out this one:
Source: via Jenna on Pinterest


I also want to find some sconces to put on the wall over both beds, that are little lanterns. I think it would be supper cute.

As far as bedding and wall art and rugs... omg, I can't make any decisions!

But Pinterest makes it easier, I swear it does! You've got to check this place out, I'm in love with it too!

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Amanda's Mom said...

Oh my gosh ... I thought I was the only person who could agonize over new throw pillows for the sofa. Mine are in terrible shape ... not only snagged (thanks kitty) but, the feathers have always wanted to come out and that causes 'pokiness' (is that a word?) which is uncomfortable. But, I've yet to find any that speak to me. Good luck on your order. Hope I can solve my dilemma soon.

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