Wednesday, October 13, 2010

no rain = shot in the bum

Right now, right this very minute, I hate Louisiana.

It has not rained in forever. Looking at the 10 day forecast has become one of the most depressing things in my life. 0% over and over again.

Oh, we got a teaser the other day. It got dark, there was lightning, there was thunder, it put on a good show. In the end, not enough rain to settle the dust.

All this freaking dust.

Does not help that we live in the middle of a bunch of farm land, and they feel the need to go work the fields, oh, everyday. All that I can taste and smell is dust. My 60 day air filters are doing good to make it to 30 days before I have to replace them (yeh, the stupid $16 ones that I buy because of Jonah's asthma. But! They're supposed to trap dust mites! And allergens! And stuff like that!!)

I have been sick for nearly two weeks now. The dark circles, the runny nose, the itchy eyes, praying from rain everyday. Then the mess decided to move into my chest. So then I was coughing... stuff... up. Two days of that, I couldn't handle any more. I went to the doctor today. One steroid shot and some prescriptions later, I'm feeling a little better. My nose is still running, but I feel like a human being again, which is awesome. I also told the doctor how I never have any energy, and have felt this way for two months. So, they sucked two tubes of blood from my arm, after the stupid vein rolled when she stuck the needle in. I've got a very pretty bruise now, and it kinda hurts (I know. I'm a wussy.)

(My butt really hurts from the shot too. But it's really my back, which doesn't make any sense, but whatever. Pain. Ugh.)

(see. wussy.

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