Tuesday, October 19, 2010



I had a great idea. It really was. Until Joey shot it down, and the idea died (not really, because it's still on my mind, I just don't know how to change his mind.)

I want to move.

That's right. I want to pack up, leave our friends and family, the kids' school, everything. I want to move to the same state that my husband is in the majority of the time. So that he would only be an hour or two from home, instead of 4-6. If he was only an hour or two, the kids and I could pack up and go see him on the weekends that he's gone. I can't do that now, not a 4-6 hour drive with 3 kids.

I had it all figured out. We wouldn't have to send the kids to a private school, because that state actually has good public schools, which would pay for the difference in the house note (if I'm getting a new house, I want bigger and better. Or at least enough bedrooms for everyone.) It would be a huge adjustment for everyone, being in a new place, but hey! People do this ALL the time, right? Seemed like the best idea I've ever had.

And then I told Joey my wonderful plan. And he said no.

And that just made me want it even more.

How dare he tell me no, I mean, seriously.

He had a good reason, that we couldn't do that to his dad, we couldn't take his grandkids from him. But I'm so unhappy here. I don't want to live here anymore.

But I guess I have to.

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