Monday, January 10, 2011

21 days to getting organized: Day Eight

Today, Toni at a bowl full of lemons has challenged us to clean out the coat closet. We don't have a coat closet, so I set out after my daughter's closet. Which also has a lot of our blankets in it too, so this also ties in with the linen closet challenge. But first, I had to clean her room. Ugh. I hated to tackle this room today, because all the kids are home from school, it was a "snow" day.

Please forgive the first picture. I forgot to open the blinds, so it was a little dark.

So this is what we're working with. I don't know how it gets this way, but I had to clean this room before I could get started on the closet.
The mirror that's hanging by one screw had to go. I swear there are no studs in that wall, or the opposite one. On the opposite wall there were holes were we attempted to hang a coat rack, and it fell of too. On the wall by the door there were screw holes were there had been a different mirror. 

I decided I had to do something about the screw holes.

My husband has taught me just enough to make me dangerous. I figured I couldn't make it any worse, right? I knew I had extra paint from this room, so I got started. I LOVE this sheetrock mud. It goes on pink, and dried white. How cool is that? I took the screws that were left in the walls out, and got to work.

I tried to take a picture of the holes and the mud on the walls, but the pictures just wouldn't show up well. So take my word that I did this.
The table beside her bed had to go, she got a new one for Christmas, I just hadn't moved the old one out yet.

A while back they broke the head board (of the brand new bed.)

Goes on top of this.


So, I used a little wood glue where they ripped these special screws out. (I was left with holes in top of the head board and the screws coming from the bottom of the decorative piece.) How long before they tear it off again? One hour. The glue didn't have time to dry. *sigh* My mom and I spent a year looking at rummage sales and flea markets looking for Blythe some white bedroom furniture without much luck. One day my mom called announcing that she bought Blythe some white furniture. I thought she had finally found some at a rummage sale. No. The woman went to the furniture store bought the child new furniture. Whatever mom! They kids have broken it, drawn on it... ugh.

I was also going to caulk the crown molding that we finally put up (after it laid in the floor, no joke, for a year. It's been up for 6 months now, and I still haven't caulked it.) But, after reading the directions on the back of the caulk, I realized I couldn't do it today because of the weather. I also wanted to recaulk her windows, because they're in bad shape. It'll just have to wait till another day. 
Now that I finally cleaned the room, fixed the holes in the walls, and the head board, on to the closet.


Top, middle and bottom. This wasn't actually that bad. I hated having to drag all the stuff out into the room that I had just cleaned, but now that it's done, I'm happy.

End results. She will rearrange the clothes in the next few days, she always does. But for now it's nice.

And a nice clean room! (the bedding was still in the washer and dryer.)

And, the pok-a-dot wall! Needs a few more dots here and there... ignore the wires under the desk and the Blue Ray player and DirecTv box on the desk. There is a new plug in box for all these things behind the new TV, but I can't find a shelf that I like to go above the TV to put these on. Once I find the shelf, there will be no visible wires, and that makes my hubby happy. I spent three days shopping for a shelf with no luck, while he spent an entire day in the attic running all the stuff for the new plug thingies behind the TVs on the walls. I've decided we will have to have something built.


Anonymous said...

Well done!

Beth's Blog said...

looks great!

Tia said...


Jenna said...

Thank you, I keep peeking in her room and at the closet at my good job :) Her mawmaw came over tonight to eat with us, and Blythe had to take her straight to her room to show mawmaw how great it looked.

radn said...

great job!

I am currently having a giveaway from etsy store skeldesign.Notepads to help make organization fun.

check it out.

Anonymous said...

Great Job!

Anonymous said...

room and closet, cleaning must be contagious! It looks great, I need to do this to my sons room... one day!

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