Tuesday, January 4, 2011

21 days to getting organized: Day Three

Not much talk tonight, mostly pictures. I'm pretty tired and my bed is calling me, I just wanted to get this up before I head that way.

First off, I hate Tupperware. The stuff is evil. It multiplies. Parts get lost. When you throw a lid away because you can't find the bowl, guess what shows up the next day? Pure evil. There was also sugar, flour, cornmeal, ect., and hand towels in this cabinet.

I had to clean out the cabinet above it also to rearrange things. Don't even ask why I have so many glass mixing bowls, I don't know.

At about this point, I started hyperventilating, ooommmggg. I wanted to get more of my cabinets done today, like the pots and pan cabinet, because I know there are a few pieces of Tupperware in there also, but I didn't get to it. These kids wear me OUT, man. I had to make another run to Walmart (also evil) for more cabinet liner (and! I still didn't get enough! AGH!) and these pink boxes that I put the Tupperware, lids, and hand towels in. Why pink? Because it's my kitchen and I wanted pink :)

Again, I didn't time myself, so I don't know how long it took. But, it's done, and I hope that I can manage to do the other cabinets tomorrow.

The binder in this picture, on the bottom shelf on the left? I don't keep magazines. After their month is up, it's time for them to be out. I go through them again, and tear out any recipes, project ideas, house ideas, anything, and put it in this binder. They're all in plastic sleeves, so when I'm using it while I'm cooking, the pages don't get messed up.

So, that's the top shelf, I moved the sugar and flour up to this one, the hanging basket has some cook books in it.

And the bottom shelf. I added the little paper tags you see hanging from the handles and they say what's in each container. Trying to keep it simple for the husband ("Look! This is where the LIDS go!! NO, not over there HERE!!")


Sally said...

I keep meaning to make one of those magazine binders. This might be the month! :) Good job.

Debbie K (aka Midnight Rambler) said...

Got the binder -- need the plastic sleeves, but mine is for patterns and craft instructions I print off. All my recipes are either online or on disc. Looks great! {:o)

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