Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wow I'm tired... and it's gonna be a long night now

So, the painting isn't going too well. I got the bi-fold laundry closet doors (because I don't have an actual laundry room, it's a closet *sigh*), the dirty clothes closet (am I the only person who has a dirty clothes CLOSET?), and the bathroom door, bathroom closet door, and the water heater door painted, and that's it. The kids have been difficult, the older two drew on their bedroom doors, so I really don't want to paint them because they'll just do it again. How do you stop you children from destroying your house? This is what has put a hold on the door painting, I know they're just going to mess it up again. Oh well, I'll get over my pity party next week when they go back to school and start the door painting again. I'm really home with the nice, crisp, white doors that I have done.

I did spray paint the door knobs to the laundry closet doors the rubbed oil bronze -- and I love it. I'm now considering doing the same to my cabinet knobs in the kitchen. All my light fixtures are that finish, and the pot rack, and I have silver hardware on the cabinets. What's sad is I had these fixtures already when I picked out the silver hardware, I have no clue what I was thinking. No clue at all. I wasn't thinking, I was in a hurry. We did a mini makeover in the kitchen when my husband caught it on fire two years ago (the anniversary is coming up, there will be a post with pictures soon), and we had to move in with my in laws while the kitchen was being fixed. I didn't have time to think about things, I just did it, I wanted to be back in my home. What do you think? Leave them be? Everything doesn't have to be matchy matchy. But, the cabinets are white, my appliances are white, the sink is white (um. Again. Wasn't thinking. All I thought was "hey, I like white!" and it seems to be a little bit too much now.) I think the contrast would be nice. Hey, I did think enough not to get light colored counter tops!

I tried to spray paint one of the bathroom door handles... and boy was that interesting. I think I'm just going to splurge and buy new ones for the house to replace the hideous brass ones (sorry if you like them, they're just not my cup of tea.) I found some egg shaped ones on eBay, and I think I love them! But I'm going to try to think this through before doing anything.

I swear, there will be pictures soon! My camera only works when it wants too, and I just haven't made a decision about that either. So, the pictures of my house may end up being from my iPhone.

This month, I'm taking the 21 days to get organized challenge with a bowl full of lemons. And I'm so excited! I hope that I'll stick with it, seeing how that's something I really need to work on. And It'll help me blog a little more often :) First chalange post will be in the morning/afternoon/night. I'm not doing it at 1 AM. Wait. Why am I writing THIS post at 1 AM?!

Even before I can call it a night now, I have to finish what I started today. I've decided to be more organize, and we have a cabinet that we bought from Walmart when we first got married. It was great at the time, did what we needed it to, but now it's just a catch all. And boy, can it catch a lot of stuff. The kids' board games were in it, their art/craft stuff, my financial/filing stuff, and some electronic stuff. So, yes, everything. I don't even know why this cabinet came with us when we moved (oh, I know, my husband was a hoarder in another life. That's why I'm cleaning it out now and getting rid of this cabinet now, because he's gone and can't stop me from throwing stuff away and giving it away.) I found a new home for the board games (the hall table/"buffet" thing, they all fit in perfect. We're now going to practice the one thing has to leave for every one new thing we bring in when it comes to games), and the kids' art/craft stuff (I had a junk cabinet in the kitchen, how sad is that? I cleaned it out and their stuff fits perfect.) Now I'm left with were to put my financial stuff. I don't have an "office" or room for a desk anywhere, I pay bills at the kitchen table. So, I'm thinking... under my bed. I'm serious. It's a small house (1,500 sq feet, ish) with 5 people. It's tight around here. Like sardines. Stinky, smelly, little sardines...

So, yeh. I'm thinking I'll get some type of box to put all the financial stuff in and store it under my bed. Also living under my bed: A container with extra sheets, blankets, and pillow cases. I did have these in Blythe's closet, but they would pull them ALL down and build tents and such, with all the sheets in the house. Two would have been plenty. So now they're all safe under my bed, because I don't have a linen closet (one day... the same day that I have an actual laundry room, and not a laundry closet.) My ironing board also lives under my bed (see: no laundry ROOM), but seriously? It gets used very, very little. A girl's gotta do what she's gotta do in a small house.

And I still haven't decided where these electronic stuff is going to go.

Man. I was hoping while I was typing this my huge mess would have cleaned it's self... but no...

and now it's 1:30.

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Toni said...

Thanks for joining my challenge. I cant wait to see what you accomplish! Hugs, Toni

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