Tuesday, January 18, 2011

21 days to getting organized: Day Fifteen

Whew, a little late getting today's challenge from a bowl full of lemons completed. It's been a wild and crazy day, everything is breaking around here and everyone seems to need some type of medical attention (both trucks have decided to go stupid, which has lead to the decision to get  rid of mine and buy something brand new, so I had to test drive things today, the dryer has gone stupid also, and Jonah and Blythe have both decided to cost us a few thousand each in medical stuff. AND the hubby still has to get his snip snip done.)

So, today we were to organize our medicines. Oh geez. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to enter our master bathroom during this challenge. Calling it a master bathroom is a joke. One day I will measure it, but just trust me when I tell you it's tiny. And our closet is in there too, also, tiny. Over all, I really do love our house, but this so called master bathroom... ugh. Since I don't like it, do you know what I do? I store stuff in there. Yup. That's right. We have three children and two bathrooms, and we don't even use one of them. If I get sick in the middle of the night, I jump out of bed and run to the other bathroom. In my crazy head, the "master bathroom" does not even exists. It never even crosses my mind while I'm waiting on one of the kids to get out of the bathroom, that, hey, dummy, there is another bathroom in the house! Ya'll, there ain't even a bathtub in there. How is that a master bathroom?! There's a (tiny) shower. That's it. 

This is what we started with:

To the left of the shower stall is my closet, it's about half the size of the bathroom you see here. It's sad. Very, very sad. My husband and I both dream of a huge, grand closet. One day.

So, this bathroom was a mess, and I can't even blame this on the kids, I've just been dumping things in here that I didn't know where else to put during this challenge. Yeh, that came back and bit me in the butt.

Stockings and the kids' TVs' stands on the counter. Why? Well, why not? I don't use this bathroom.

The medicines are in that blue container thingy. Doesn't match the room, but I had it so I used it. PLUS, I don't use this bathroom, remember? No one see it. Seriously, I have a friend who I've known for 3 years, and she's never seen this bathroom.

The problem I have with both my bathrooms: no natural light, whatsoever. Drives me crazy. Makes me feel trapped. 

That last picture? That's exactly what the bathroom still looks like. I swear.

(Plus or minus a few clothes baskets......)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a bit of an awkward space having the cabinets so close to the toilet - maybe taking them out and installing a pedestal sink or something like that would help? (Easier said than done - I know, I know!! LOL)

Good job clearing the clutter!

Kristal said...

It doesn't look that bad from here! But I know I don't have to live with it. I like the paint color, but if it isn't something you love, you might try painting it your favorite color. If it is an upstairs bath, you could look into adding a solar tube. They collect natural light and are not very expensive and easy to install...just some ideas. I sell real estate in Prairie Village, Kansas and a lot of houses in this desirable area only have 1 bath, or if you are lucky enough, you have a half-bath off the master (no tub, no shower!) And people pay high dollar for these little old crap holes, I mean charmers. ;)

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