Monday, January 31, 2011

I'll try not to cough on you...

Who's tired of hearing about the flu?!

Oh? You are? Eh. Oh well.
I have more exciting flu news. The flu of 2011 has claimed it's fourth victim in our household now, Jonah. I keep looking at Peyton, "Was that a sniffle? A cough? You feel a little warm..." I'm just waiting. I know it's coming.

We (the kids at least) always get the flu shot, but this year it sneaked up on me, and I completely forgot. I'm seriously writing it down on the calender NOW for NEXT flu season.

I have all sorts of projects that I want to do, but with the kids being sick, Blythe has dental surgery next week, and everything else going on, it just doesn't seem like a good idea to start anything. I have plans that involve paint on the wall, sewing machines, ruffles, and pillows, and to do some flea market hopping... but these all must wait.


maaaaybe I can manage to paint my bedroom, even with everything else going on... it's really needing it with the new bedding in there.

And oh boy! Let me tell you, I'm having some problems with the curtains in that room. I bought these curtains when I bought the new bedding. They look great with it, it's just lovely... except for with all the sicknesses, I just want to crawl into my bed sometimes in the middle of the day, and NOT be able to tell it's the middle of the day. Well, duh, these are sheers, what do you expect, Jenna? 

While at Target that day, I started to buy some white black-out curtains, but decided to wait and see what I thought after I got the sheers up. Ok, that wasn't really the reason. It was because I had already spent $400 in Target, I needed to get out of there, and quick. I looked at Walmart, and they have black-out curtains, just not in white, and Target does. (Nearest Target is an hour away.) 

So I thought I would buy some plain white canvas-like curtains? Surely they'll block out some light, right?

No. Plain white curtains do not block out light.

At all.

So I now need to order some white black-out curtains. Because during this sickness, I have found myself in Blythe's room on her crappy twin size bed, just to be in the dark in the middle of the day.
Lesson learned: it doesn't matter how pretty it is, if it doesn't function the way you need it to.

(And, yes, still no pictures. The camera is still MIA, and I'm a cheap-o, I just know it'll turn up!)

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