Sunday, January 9, 2011

21 days to getting organized: Day Seven

The pantry. Toni from a bowl full of lemons challenged us to clean out and organize our pantries. There is little hope for my pantry, and I've tried everything. Except for installing slide out drawers in there, which I plan on doing myself pretty soon. I've been looking online, and found a few, but what I really want wont fit, and only by a few inches. But I'm keep my head up high, one day I will have a well functioning pantry. Another option is just dealing with it until we add onto our house (a new master bedroom and bath, laundry room, mud room. There has been talk of also adding another livingroom/den/play room near the kitchen also. Our current living room is in the front of the house, then there is a hall with the bedrooms, then the kitchen at the back.) If we add an actual laundry room, I could use my current laundry "closet" as a pantry, and I think it would work quit nicely.

The top part of the pantry cabinet, where I keep all the food I hoard buy. My mom was always one of those "we have tuna, but not any mayonnaise, tea, but not any sugar..." and I refuse to be one of those people. 

We. Have. Every. Thing.

Like, 12 cans of chicken broth! *Sigh* I have a problem. I know we don't have to room for all this food, but I keep buying. You should see the deep freezer. Oh second thought, NO, no, Toni, do NOT have us organize the freezer! It's one of the small ones, there is NO way to organize that sucker.

Oh, look! A cute kid! *Cheese!* Did that distract you from my horrible pantry?

This is the bottom part of my pantry. All the stuff beside the trash can is NOT trash. There are drinks in those boxes, the bag of napkins ('cause I can't find any where else to put them), puppy pads (even though I long ago gave up house training the dog and kicked him out side), the box of trash bags. Now I'm thinking of moving the trash can? Maybe under the sink? Then I will have to re-organize all that... eh. But I'm thinking of moving the trash can, so I can store MORE food HERE! (I love food!)

But, for now, everything stayed where it is. I pulled everything out, cleaned the cabinets out, put some more of the cabinet liner down in here, got rid of a few things...

And put it all back in. I tried to use some baskets that I bought with the intentions of using in my laundry  closet in here, but it didn't work out. So I took everything out of the baskets and put it back on the shelf.

I do this about every two weeks, about as often as I do a "big" grocery shopping trip. It never gets any better. Oh well, at least the cabinets are clean. And I have a really cute kid :)


Violet said...

Yours looks a lot like mine... we know what's in there, but it's not one of those designer matching containers kind of spaces, right? :) My containers are some Odd Lots bins, a cheap white dish tub to hold the kids' snacks, and some cardboard diaper boxes.

I just posted my reorganized pantry post HERE if you'd like to take a peek.

Tia said...

Good job!

Anonymous said...

I know your struggle with deep cabinets. Mine is narrow and deep and frustrating. I tried to install pull out drawers but just my luck, the one that is the "perfect size" was 1/4" to wide for my cabinet. Argh. To go smaller would make me lose too much space. Sigh - oh well.

You did a great job straightening everything! (and that is one cute smile - LOL)

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