Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bedroom make over, before pictures. (Because everything has to start somewhere.)

Our bed room... sucks. We've never decorated it, the one new piece of furniture in the room is the cherry sleigh bed, everything else is only there because it has no where else to live, and we have to put our clothes somewhere. It's very, very embarrassing. I keep my bedroom door closed so no one sees it, and rarely clean up in there because... I don't love it.

(Kid's old dressers that some how ended up being OUR dressers.
And a box of new Christmas decorations
that need to go in the attic. My room is just one
big dumping ground.)

We will be buying new furniture for the room in the next few weeks (ekk!!). My husband insist that the bed has to stay (he says because he "likes" it, but he also says he's not into decorating or what things look like in the house. What is boils down to is "We had to finance that bed and mattresses, and now they're paid for, we're keeping them FOREVER.") The problem is, I don't like any of the pieces that go with sleigh bed set. Just don't. So, I'm looking at pieces that go with other sets, but are in the same color, and kinda-might-I-really-really hope will go well with it.

But I'm still working on painting all the doors in the house, and would like to also have to base boards repainted before the new furniture comes. The walls will probably also be repainted, depending on what kind of new bedding I get.

Shield your eyes, brass door knobs can blind a person.

So can the brass ceiling fan. This is also going to be replaced, thinking about moving the fan from the living room to our bedroom, and buying a new for the living room. We live in the south, ceiling fans are a must. I also have them on the front porch. Oh, yes, ma'am. Love 'em.

(Dumping. Grounds.)

I was actually disappointed that today is Sunday, so there wasn't a 21 days to being organized challenge today. But, to get ready for whatever may come, I bought all this:

Oh, yeh, I'm ready.

(Sorry for the crappy pictures. My camera is forever old, I have to sweet talk it for it just to work most of the time. Maybe I'll get a new one soon and get some tips on taking better pictures! But, hey! I'm trying! It's a learning process!!)

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Amanda said...

my bedroom is a dumping ground too. i hate my bedroom. not crazy about the furniture either. hope you're able to make your bedroom your sancutary

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