Monday, January 3, 2011

21 days to getting organized: Day Two

Day two of a bowl of lemons' 21 days to getting organized, and we're supposed to clean the top of our desk. Well, we don't have a desk. We used to have this:

back when we still had a desktop computer. Now we both have laptops, and the desktop computer has been moved to the attic. So this ugly thing became a catch all for everything, and last week I finally went through it, so I can now get rid of the ugly cabinet, and found new places for everything in it, except this:

Mostly my husband's crap (see, there I go again, blaming him for everything.) Remember yesterday, I showed you my bedroom? The dresser that I had the (ugly) brass door knobs sitting on, is completely empty. So, I stuck all this in there. Not the best solution, because I hope to have the new furniture soon, but until then, this is where it's at.

Another view. I took the red Christmas table cloth off, washed it, and put it in the box in my bedroom that's waiting to go in the attic (I can't live like this, people, it's driving me nuts.) I got this table at a rummage sale a few months ago, and I love it. It already had some scratches on it, which was perfect, because my kids destroy everything. There are three more chairs, but my father in law took them to fix them for me, so I'm waiting to get those back. Then I will be able to get rid of the kid table in my kitchen because we will all be able to sit at the dining room table! Yay!

I'm on a mission to use all the different cleaners that I have. I have a gazillion. I have one of every kind and brand, sometimes two of each. So, today on the table we're using Green Works. I think they've changed the formula. When it first came out, I bought some and it always left stuff feeling sticky. I decided to try it again, and now it doesn't. Or maybe it's just me. Who knows.

 Cleaning one surface turned into... cleaning all the surfaces in my kitchen. The kids stayed with their grandparents this weekend, and brought all these clothes back home (hey, they're clean! I love my mother in law!), and Jonah's great big medicine box (ok, it's not all his, just mostly), the stuff made it to the island last night, and that's it. So, put the clothes away, medicine box in it's cabinet...

And we used some Great Value glass cleaner, because I'm a cheap-o sometimes. I actually had two bottles in the cabinet. Why? WHY?! I finished this one off, so now I only have one. I have to use glass cleaner on these counter tops, because they have a shine to them, and anything else leaves streaks and makes it feel sticky.

Ok, this picture doesn't show how much crap was on top of the fridge... also, my husband's fault... and this isn't technically a surface... but I cleaned it too. I was on a rooooll people!

After. I also changed out the fruit bowl, the other one was Santa...

After. Much, much better.

Another crappy picture, brought to you by Jenna ;) I'm getting happier by the day, I'm ready for tomorrow's challenge! 


Anonymous said...

Great job!

Reginia said...

Looks great!!

Amanda said...

you have a beautiful kitchen!! awesome job

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