Thursday, January 13, 2011

makin' plans...

I'm becoming obsessive about the master bedroom. I was going to go white, black, and red in there. But then realized that's not what I really want, I was doing that because I thought it would make my husband happier, but he has announced he doesn't care what I do, as long as he has some where to sleep and I keep the amount of pink down to 25%. I can do this.
I've been dreaming of a shabby chic bedroom for years... about 5 or 6 years. And I'm going to go for it. That's really the look I'm wanting to go for in the whole house, minus the kids' rooms.

The other thing I'm not allowed to do...

(The Nester)

Our current bed looks But not painted white. It's a cherry color, and in my mind I can't picture a dark cherry sleigh bed with shabby chic bedding. The husband says I'm not allowed to paint the bed, if I want a white bed to sell the bed we have and go buy a new one. He is such a kill joy, just sucking the life out of all my fun ;)

I absolutely love this bed. loooooove. But I've been looking, and these beds cost thousands of dollars... I'm not comfortable bringing something that cost that much into my house with my destructive sweet angelic children. I'm going to keep searching and maybe I'll find something soon.

I will most likely be purchasing the bedding this weekend (omg. I've waited 5 years for this) and I will then be able to judge what I think of shabby chic with the dark wood. But I'm telling you, in my head, I'm just not loving it. Other furniture in the room could be a darker wood (maybe), but not the bed. In my head, I'm seeing a white bed... and I'm going to find it.

But then there's another problem. I see white and think peaceful and relaxing and shabby chic. My husband sees white as LOUD! and STRESSFUL! Oh what will we do?? Right now this is my game plan: Buy the shabby chic bedding, decide what I think of it on the dark sleigh bed (maybe I will love it, who knows?!)  then picking a new wall color. Hurry up Saturday so I can go shopping!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck - you just never know until you get that bedding (although - without seeing any of it my vote is for white too).

Sam {} said...

good luck!! so fun to make these changes :)

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