Thursday, January 13, 2011

21 days to getting organized: Day Eleven

Alright, here we go again! I'm enjoying these challenges so much from a bowl full of lemons! I've been staying up until 11 every night, because that's what time the new post show up for me. I stayed up a little longer last night messuring the freezer and deep freezer, and the cabinet that she gave a hint about for tomorrow's challenge, because I wanted to make sure I got the right size containers and wouldn't have to make several trips to Walmart. I then went to bed, ready for the next day and to clean the freezers!

And then my daughter woke up this morning all sick. My mom came over and sat with her while I took the boys to school, and then I came right back home. So no containers for me :( All I could really do today was toss the old food.

Fridge Freezer -- Before

Fridge Freezer -- After

Deep Freezer -- Before

Deep Freezer -- After

I needed to defrost the deep freezer, but since I plan on pulling everything back out in a few days (tomorrow maybe?) when I get the containers, I didn't worry with it today.

Now to go eat some of the southwestern rolls!


Beth's Blog said...

great job!

Anonymous said...

Great job. Things happen. You'll get your containers. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

looks great! i need to defrost my deep freezer too

Little Raindrops said...

These things happen -- I hope your daughter feels better soon! This was a great first step though and it doesn't seem like you have far to go. Keep up the great work!!

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