Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Send food!

The flu of 2011 has claimed it's third victim in our house (he hasn't even been home in a month, but it found him too) -- my husband. I had to go get him from work. I was starting to feel better before I had to make the drive to go get him, but today I feel like poo again. Blythe still sounds like a seal coughing, but she seems to be feeling fine. The teachers at school keep feeling the need to tell me she's still coughing -- I know this, and I hate it for her, but in the last two weeks she has missed 4 days of school, she has to go. I mean, they say it like I'm the worse mother in the world for sending my poor child to school with a cough. It doesn't help my case any that she's telling them that I'm not giving her her medicine, which is a total lie. 

I have decided that child has one goal in life -- to make me look like a bad parent.
I'm guessing that I'm just going to have to give up hope that my camera will show up, because it's not, and break down and buy a new one. I would love to have a fancy smancy one, but I know that I would just loose it also, or the children would break it. So I do believe I'll just be getting a new cheaper one again. How do you ladies with small children protect those expensive cameras?

Here's to hoping that tomorrow is a better day. I need to go get my sewing machine from my mom's house (she borrowed it about 2 years ago, was going to make a dress for Blythe... that never happened), so I can get started on thinking about this slip cover for the wing back chair. I'm kinda scared of this project.

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